What is Geekstock?

Geekstock is a three day festival of geekery and music, held near the namesake town of Woodstock in England (yes, we have one too). It is the only festival that truly celebrates all aspects of the awesomeness of geek. Perhaps you are silly for SciFi, hanker for hacking, fanatical about films, or are you crazy for consoles? Perhaps something else? Come to Geekstock to share your enthusiasm with awesome, like-minded individuals!

There is always more to do at Geekstock than you can shake a light-saber at! You will be able to enjoy your passions with friends old and new, and if you like you can to learn something different too.

There are talks & labs on a googolplex of different areas, such as, Bagpiping, BBQing, Star Trek… …and so many more!

Exhibitors come to Geekstock to show off their latest gadgets & ridiculously interesting items, as well as to demonstrate what they have been working on. You are sure to find muchos cool stuff to add to your collection.

The bands will blow you away and the performances from entertainers, comedians and circus acts are stunning. What’s more, we have a Games Amphitheatre, a cinema and even a planetarium!

Geekstock is inclusive and accepting. It does not matter what your sexual orientation, age, racial background, gender or interests are, you will be welcomed at Geekstock. Geeks are the most awesome people in the [multi]/[uni]verse.

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